jungletribecouture: samurai slayer

I can’t believe this wicked pouch hasn’t been snatched up yet. Then again, it IS nearly $400… still, it’s pretty amazing. If you’re planning to go to Burning Man more than once, it may be worth the investment. Maybe. Or just wear it all the time… why wouldn’t you? I freaking love this.
samurai slayer

jenfashion: Bat Sleeve Hoody

This piece feels more “on trend” – less alt, but I liked the styling and it’s still kinda different, in my eyes. Plus, it looks high quality, not always something you get when you pay $80+ to a chain store for a slave-produced garment!

Ivory white Bat sleeves hoody zipper sweater

ZipperDesign: Zipper Cuff

What a cute and fun idea – zipper accessories! I particularly like the look of this cuff… It’s just cool.

Zipper cuff bracelet, Grey, eco friendly, recycled jewelry