BohemianEarthDesigns: Just Breathe Silk Wrap Bracelet

Some really breathtaking jewelry designs in the BohemianEarthDesigns Etsy shop. This one is labelled as “yoga jewelry”. I love the colours and the style, though I’m a little baffled as to why one would need, or even want, jewelry for yoga, but I suppose some do take their exercising outfits very seriously. As much as I love alt fashion, I think tend to think the very basics will do for working out! But that’s just me ๐Ÿ˜‰ enjoy!

Just Breathe Silk Wrap Bracelet Yoga Jewelry Tree Hand Stamped Unique Gift For Her Teacher Daughter Stocking Stuffer Under 50 Item K82

MoLeKuLa: Sheer Snake Print Leggings

Came across Molekula, from Israel, recently. I really like her unique styles – all urban, slightly punk but totally wearable. And they look like good quality too. Beautiful stuff. These sheer leggings are pretty neat.

Sheer , Lase , Transparent Sexy Women Leggings, Snake Print

TopCloset: UK Flag Screen Print Leggings

Since it’s Victoria Day, here in Canada, I figured I’d give a nod to my home country with these wicked UK flag pants. My parents think it’s weird I love the UK flag so much. I think it’s partly because it’s a flag I can allege to, that’s NOT American. The Canadian flag is just so boring – it looks like Christmas, gone wrong (cos who has Maple leaves at Christmas?). Anyway, it’s inexplicable – but it’s there. UK pride all the way!

Note: these leggings come at ya from Thailand, so if you’re looking to support a UK artist, don’t get these. LOL!

Check out the listing. The store also has lots of other cool stuff.