ElvenstarDesign: Medieval Tiara

I don’t generally wear tiaras. I remember around prom time was when I learned they were even a thing for anyone over 5, but even then I didn’t get one. They are beautiful though, and certainly I’d wear them if I had more opportunities. I suppose I just associate them too much with royalty, and since I’m not, why would I ever don one? Anyway, being an Elven princess sometime is far more within reach than ever being real royalty, so in that case I’d pick up one of these gorgeous tiaras from ElvenstarDesign.

Medieval circlet tiara pagan fantasy ELVEN Dragon game of thrones crown Elven

BIBICCO: Asymmetrical Tube Top

I like the simplicityof this asymmetrical top. A tube, a cute one-sided shoulder, and you’re off to the races! Pair it with some cigarette pants if you’re going out at night and don’t mind plenty of stares, or a cute short skirt during a hot summer’s day.

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LasciviousGrace: Long Sleeve Cut and Weaved Top

This slashed and woven top is breathtaking. The simple blue shades of tie-dye remind me of ocean and sky, and the slashed/woven bits make it so unique. Beautiful.

Check out the shop’s other listings while you’re there: Junior / Womens Long Sleeve Cut and Weaved Black and Blue Tie Dyed Top Size Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2xl, 3xl

EnlightenedPlatypus: Upcycled Black Coat

These fun and fanciful coats by Enlightened Platypus are the perfect addition to your fairy/woods people costumes. I absolutely love the way they flow, their shape and the wonderful colour combinations the maker has come up with. This particular coat is reserved for a specific person, but I’m sure you could have the maker create one of your very own!

Check out this Upcycled Black Coat on Etsy.