RetroVintageWeddings: Wedding Feather Cape

So it’s described as a “wedding” cape, but I could see this being worn for other occasions. I love the look of all these feathery accessories, though it’s tough to justify a purchase and support the feather industry when you don’t know where the feathers came from, or how they were acquired. At the very least you can ask the maker, since in this case it’s not a manufactured item. They may not have all the answers tho! Still, it’s very beautiful.

Wedding feather cape steampunk victorian black couque feather wrap bolero alternative acccessories

SomniaRomantica: Bolero Mariposa

Words can’t even express… the true beauty of this Victorian, lace shrug. Absolutely stunning… Romantic… Love-inducing.

Bolero Mariposa, shrug, black lace, victorian mourning, steampunk noir, Somnia Romantica by Marjolein Turin