StrangeVintage: Upcycled Underbust Vest

Steeltoe Princess from San Francisco makes these Victorian styled underbusts from upcycled materials. I realoy like the design she’s got going on these. Great way to enhance your Steampunk bust!

Strange Vintage Custom-Black Upcycled Underbust Vest-White Lace & Bows-Copper Key Hardware-Victorian Steampunk

frixiegirl: Nuno Felted Witches Jacket

I love the way nuno felting lends itself to fantasy fashion. It brings to mind images of old television productions featuring felted hand puppets in mystical settings. Except now people are wearing these felted creations. I love the shape and texture of this felted, hooded jacket.

Nuno Felted Melted Witches Holey Corset Closure Halter Neck Detachable Pixie Hood Vest Top OOAK

Toxic Vision’s Visionary

Toxic Vision Vest
I first found Toxic Vision’s Etsy store years ago, when looking up leather goods on the site. Her stuff immediately captured my imagination – I knew I had found something incredibly special. I’ve watched her produce amazing works of wearable art ever since, picking up an item here and there.

The first item I fell in love with by local Toronto independent fashion designer Sharon Ehman, was very similar to this turquoise jacket, except it was even more beautiful, made of a thick, turquoise brocade fabric:
Toxic Vision Turquoise Motorcycle Jacket

It was originally listed for $595, and I found it at a time when my pockets were less than lined with cash. So I waited, and waited… and then she finally listed it on sale for $350, and I – MISSED my chance. I remember the very evening I saw it disappear from the Etsy store, into someone’s grubby little hands… and I was absolutely crestfallen. Sharon’s work is 100% one-of-a-kind. I honestly have no idea how she ever parts with any of the stuff she makes. I suppose her closet must be bursting to full with the best pieces… or perhaps the photos she models in are enough for her.

Not only am I constantly amazed by her creativity and unique designs, but the sheer amount of work she puts out is mind-blowing. I can only wish I had that much time, was that motivated, and could afford to spend my time working on clothing the way she has. I know I sound like a fangirl – that’s cos I am – but no one has inspired me to try my own hand at even just sketching new designs, than she has.

Since those early days, she’s closed her Etsy store, and is now found in the following locations:
Toxic Vision Clothing Store (she frequently sells out of her stuff immediately when listed, and posts 1-2 times per month)
Toxic Vision on Facebook