Morphic: Mens Motive Merino Hoodie

Something for the men (for once…). I find it incredibly difficult to find sexy, wearable, alternative fashion for men.Short of diving 100% into costume territory, something most men won’t do, finding enough uniqueness in the typical t-shirt, suit shirt, jean, nice pant or short for men, is nigh on impossible.

That’s why I was so happy to stumble on Morphic. These unique, sexy, but still masculine cuts are just the thing for a dude who wants to stand out while still “fitting in”, so to speak. Probably gonna have to grab one for my man ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mens Motive Merino Hoodie – Fern Green / Midnight Black / Tui Tree design

MegiMikos: Silk Marbles Necklace

I found the colours and texture in this piece to be so soothing. I’m guessing the mqim section of the necklace is made of circles cut out of silk. It’s a very wearable, pretty piece, easy to slip on for daily duties!

Also, the maker is offering free shipping at the mo’ – get in on it.