AbstractikaCrafts: Pixie Top

One word for the items in this shop: adorable!! They’re all labelled “pixie”, “fairy”, and stuff like that, so you know what you’re gonna find there.

Pixie top. Handmade dyed, bohemian, faery top, festival, goa, forest, goddess, tribal, lace top, ethnic, victorian

voclothingshop: Mehndi Iris Petal Hooded Tank

Voclothingshop is also filled with delightful clothing goodies. I particularly like this tank top – the grey and black paisley pattern is right up my alternative alley! And there’s free shipping on it – can’t get much better than that!

MEHNDI IRIS PETAL hooded tank top – free shipping

organicethnic: Antler Deer Fake Gauges

This look so cool. I think it’s the crooked fingers look of the antlers/twigs. And while I don’t judge others when they have gauges (they do look kinda cool), I don’t think i’d ever want one myself, so I appreciate that these are fake!!! Or jusy plain old earrings. Not too sure how they’d fit on the back side of the lobe, maybe you have to have a piercing higher up – definitely not something i’m willing to endure!!! Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Antler Deer Fake Gauges Earrings Black Horn Tribal Earrings – Gauges Plugs Bone Horn – FG067 H

Shadowplaynyc: Triangle Print Skirt

I mentioned before we’be been getting back into some quality Trek recently, so space is on my mind. This is the perfect skirt to go with that bangle, eh? Ooh, and it’s on sale! If only I weren’t saving for a wedding in 3 months… Someone better grab this!

Triangle Space Print Skirt

nastassia9: Jungle Warrioress Reversible Pants

And now for a bit more grunge look – these reversible pants from US-based Nastassia. Pretty funky – love the flares and the mixed textures.

She’s only going to make one more pair than her own – so if these “grab” you, I’d recommend grabbing them soon!

Jungle Warrioress Reversible Pants