SweetassDesigns: Tribal Pants & Lace Overskirt Set

Get your hoopin’ and your dancin’ on with these pretty, frilly-finished stretch pants, wrapped with a mini skirt. Athletic, modest, with a dash of daintiness. How can you go wrong?

Tribal Belly Dance Hula Hoop Festival Pants and Lace Overskirt Set

ElvenForest: Stained Glass Teardrop Pants

I always love ripped or torn clothing styles. There’s something so interesting about them – they hold stories in their tatters. Like abandoned, falling apart barns you see in the countryside…

Stained Glass Teardrop Dance Pants – in Black

Wyldeskye: Tatty TuTu

Need a woodland faerie skirt to complete your fantast wardrobe? Right here! So cute! Wildeskye’s stuff sells really fast, and she seems to do a bunch of custom orders. Well, keep an eye on her and send a request when you see something you must have!

See the skirt.

Wyldeskye: Hemp Fleece Pixie Goddess Hoodie

Ooh the colours of this plant-based fleece are making me crave a strawberry-banana-blueberry fruit shake! Love the pattern and the shape… I didn’t know they could make fleece out of hemp, either – that’s something I’ll have to look into.

Check out the listing, and don’t miss taking a peek at the other items in kye’s shop.