iheartnorwegianwood: Harness “Yen” Bra

I thought this bra top was adorable. Perhaps it’s lingerie, perhaps you could get away with it at a festival. Whatever you choose, it comes to you from Angie Johnson out of Montreal. With nearly 3000 sales in her store, I’m not really sure how she keeps up – but you’ll know you’re getting a decent product!

Harness "Yen" Bra – Elastic Banding, Metal Buckles and Aubergine and Taupe Lace

Shadowplaynyc: Triangle Print Skirt

I mentioned before we’be been getting back into some quality Trek recently, so space is on my mind. This is the perfect skirt to go with that bangle, eh? Ooh, and it’s on sale! If only I weren’t saving for a wedding in 3 months… Someone better grab this!

Triangle Space Print Skirt