BettieBlues: BETTIE BLUES ELECTROSHOCK Latex Ruffled Halter Dress Diy ooak

Well, dang. This dress was snatched up in the days between me finding it, and having a chance to post it. But at least I still have the pic… And you have a link to a talented designer/maker. So, have fun looming through her stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

BETTIE BLUES ELECTROSHOCK Latex Ruffled Halter Dress Diy ooak

frixiegirl: Nuno Felted Witches Jacket

I love the way nuno felting lends itself to fantasy fashion. It brings to mind images of old television productions featuring felted hand puppets in mystical settings. Except now people are wearing these felted creations. I love the shape and texture of this felted, hooded jacket.

Nuno Felted Melted Witches Holey Corset Closure Halter Neck Detachable Pixie Hood Vest Top OOAK

BIBICCO: Asymmetrical Tube Top

I like the simplicityof this asymmetrical top. A tube, a cute one-sided shoulder, and you’re off to the races! Pair it with some cigarette pants if you’re going out at night and don’t mind plenty of stares, or a cute short skirt during a hot summer’s day.

Check out Bibicco’s other work while you’re there, lots of cute stuff: Black Tube Top, Asymetrical Tube Top, Basic Tube Top, simple Tube Top