murmuration: Faux leather leggings

My faux snakeskin leather leggings from >5 years ago (yeah, that look was way big in 2013 – I’m solo ahead of these trends doncha know) are on their last legs… Maybe time to restock on a pair of these babies? ๐Ÿ™‚

Faux leather leggings – metallic black spandex soft goth grunge, street style fashion for women – small murmuration

PrettyNatali: Airy Crochet Necklace

Natalia sells her handmade jewelry and accessories in this shop, out of Bulgaria. I love the ethereal cloud of invisible fishing line in this necklace. It’s beautiful.

Airy crochet Necklace with seed beads, black agate beads / black modern jewelry

CrazyGalaxy: Shiny Gold Snakeskin Leggings

I liked the store name, and their version of the starry printed leggings everyone seems to be offering at the moment, but then I saw the shiny gold and just had to feature these instead. Too awesome. Pair with red shoes to pack a supremely powerful punch.

(I think their listing title is wrong… It’s confusing….)cuz Shiny Galaxy tights -Leggings-nebula-pink-purple-stars-moon-P23K3014N