KarybdisAtelier: Victorian duchess outfit

Hey, she’s clearing out her work for a move, so some really interesting pieces here for a relatively good price. This beautiful white corset and skirt combination would make a gorgeous traditional, white Victorian styled wedding dress. Check out the other stuff in the store, there’s some raw material up for grabs as well.

CLEARANCE Victorian outfit duchesse satin ivory CORSET overbust and SKIRT mermaid shaped, with snowflake lace, gift

runnickyrun: AVRIL Purple Puffy Pleated Mini Plaid Skirt

Run Nicky Run is the Etsy store of Nicky Hwang, from Taipei, Taiwan. Her profile picture features a girl with a leather and chains mask on, so instantly that’s pretty alternative.

I loved everything in her store when I first looked through it… And I still do. The skirt above is interesting to me because I have one just like it, from Punky Fish, just without the flare out. It’s straight. It’s also super-mini – this actually looks wearable without a pair of pants underneath.

Check out the listing. The title says it’s a skirt/shorts, so not sure if it’s a “skort” style thing, or what. I can’t believe I just put that ugly word on my blog. Lol.