KnitwearEssenC: RaRa Winter Boiled Wool Coat

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BettieBlues: BETTIE BLUES ELECTROSHOCK Latex Ruffled Halter Dress Diy ooak

Well, dang. This dress was snatched up in the days between me finding it, and having a chance to post it. But at least I still have the pic… And you have a link to a talented designer/maker. So, have fun looming through her stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

BETTIE BLUES ELECTROSHOCK Latex Ruffled Halter Dress Diy ooak

SweetassDesigns: Tribal Pants & Lace Overskirt Set

Get your hoopin’ and your dancin’ on with these pretty, frilly-finished stretch pants, wrapped with a mini skirt. Athletic, modest, with a dash of daintiness. How can you go wrong?

Tribal Belly Dance Hula Hoop Festival Pants and Lace Overskirt Set

lovechildboudoir: Absinthe Angel Carnivale Bustle

These bustles are some truly haute couture. They not only look well-made, the details are also fantastic. And the choices of colours, texture, sheen and pattern.

Definitely check out Lovechild Boudoir’s other listings too: Burlesque Gothic Carnivale Bustle Skirt ABSINTHE ANGEL Victorian Decadence by Lovechild Boudoir