AdelePsych: ‘Mesmerise’ Dress with Bell Sleeves

Adele Psych brings her incredible gothic clothing creations at ya from Melbourne, Australia. This dress/tunic/top caught my eye first when I visited her shop. I love the silhouette it creates, not to mention the unique texture of the material. Beautiful.

ADELE PSYCH 'Mesmerise' Glam Goth Rock Black Sheer Tulle Mesh Stripe Babydoll dress with Bell Sleeves

BettieBlues: BETTIE BLUES ELECTROSHOCK Latex Ruffled Halter Dress Diy ooak

Well, dang. This dress was snatched up in the days between me finding it, and having a chance to post it. But at least I still have the pic… And you have a link to a talented designer/maker. So, have fun looming through her stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

BETTIE BLUES ELECTROSHOCK Latex Ruffled Halter Dress Diy ooak

MetalbecDIY: Raider Vest

I’ve enjoyed the work of MetalbecDIY for a few years now. I’ve bought a skirt and a dress off her, and I’d get more if I had unlimited funds! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy her work too. It’s a slightly more wearable version of the heavy metal look – it’s not so over the top that you can’t wear this stuff in daily life. Well, maybe not to the office, but pretty much anywhere else. Check out the above Raider Vest.