TheScarlettRose: Gorgeous Rich Purple Lady’s Pirate Tricorn

I’m more onto guy pirates than being a female one myself, but this purple women’s pirate hat is undeniable. I would totally don this with some sexy, purple suede pirate boots!

Gorgeous Rich Purple Lady's Pirate Tricorn

AlternateHistory: Dragonling Headpiece

Apart from the wicked store name, AlternateHistory holds within many beautiful works of art to discover. I particularly liked this baby dragon-featuring headpiece.

Dragonling Headpiece – Antiqued Bronze Plate Chain and Solid Bronze Coin Head Chain

Oonacat: Heelless Hooves for Costume

Check out these incredible boots. I’ve often thought certain styles of shoe loom like hooves – and make the wearer walk like a horse. Now you can make that even more of a reality with these artistic renditions of a pair of heeled boots that you select and send to the maker. She will then work her magic on them and create some truly evil / magical hooves for you to walk in. Extreeeeme.

Heelless Hooves for Costume – Custom epic hooves made to order

TreadLightGear: Forest Purse

Tread Light Gear sources all of its leather from buffalo slaughtered for food – thus, I suppose, the name “tread light”. All their shoes and purses/bags are handcrafted by leather artisans, and they’re all beautiful. I love the leaf design on this purse, and they have some lovely, similarly styled boots as well.

NEW 2013 Medium Forest Purse