runnickyrun: AVRIL Purple Puffy Pleated Mini Plaid Skirt

Run Nicky Run is the Etsy store of Nicky Hwang, from Taipei, Taiwan. Her profile picture features a girl with a leather and chains mask on, so instantly that’s pretty alternative.

I loved everything in her store when I first looked through it… And I still do. The skirt above is interesting to me because I have one just like it, from Punky Fish, just without the flare out. It’s straight. It’s also super-mini – this actually looks wearable without a pair of pants underneath.

Check out the listing. The title says it’s a skirt/shorts, so not sure if it’s a “skort” style thing, or what. I can’t believe I just put that ugly word on my blog. Lol.

twistedsisterarts: Evil Cat Eye Wire Heart Necklace

Jill Lawrence from Oregon produces these wonderfully fantastical pendants under the name Twisted Sister Arts. I only selected one to show here, but all of her work is stunning. I’m sure I’ll post more in upcoming blog posts ๐Ÿ˜‰ check out the listing on Etay, and she also has a new site at

gringrimaceandsqueak: fantastical masks

Karen and Rich from Scarborough, UK, hand make and stock all the masks on Etsy store Grin, Grimace and Squeak.

The masks are wonderfully whimsical, as you can see. Each ready made piece is one-of-a-kind, and they also do custom work for the more discerning customer.

If you’re jonesing for one of these masks, you’re in luck – they’re running a promo right now – free shipping if you live in the UK, and if you’re outside, they’ll cover as much for shipping as the cost would be were you in the UK. But not the whole amount. Be sure to check their store info about the promo. Go check ’em out!