binkaminka: Spiked Glam Epaulet

Binka, from Riga, Latvia, brings you her magnificent beaded epaulettes at binkaminka. This one stood out for me l, with its “come hither” sparkles, and “stay away” spikes – exquisitely expressing the concept of contrast I love so much.

Single Glam Epaulet Made to Order

Agoraphobix: Spray Paint Pleated Skirt

Yet another store I had a hard time selecting just one piece from. All the punky styles and fun colours here have me wanting everything listed! Hahaha. And this is why I run I this blog – because notions like that are simply unrealistic. Enjoy!

Agoraphobix Punk Army "kill" spray paint neon green pleated skirt

BettieBlues: BETTIE BLUES ELECTROSHOCK Latex Ruffled Halter Dress Diy ooak

Well, dang. This dress was snatched up in the days between me finding it, and having a chance to post it. But at least I still have the pic… And you have a link to a talented designer/maker. So, have fun looming through her stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

BETTIE BLUES ELECTROSHOCK Latex Ruffled Halter Dress Diy ooak

CustomCatastrophes: Thrash Wrist Cuff

It was hard to select just what I wanted to feature from CustomCatastrophes, because – as with all the good shops – there’s lots of interesting designs here too. But in the realm of cuffs, these stand out in particular. Roughed up, but solid-looking, I’d pick these up for myself OR my man. Wicked ๐Ÿ˜€

Thrash Wrist Cuff

ObsKuRniaDreads: Steampunk Synthetic Dreads

I mean, I dunno how much sticking cogs on something makes it real steampunk, but I’d say the colour scheme is about right. Also not too sure how dreads fit into Steampunk, but I’m sure there’s a way. Regardless of labels and definitions, these fake locks look pretty sweet. I’d definitely don them.

90 single ended synthetic dreads steampunk