marinaasta: Ruffled Collar

This large ruffled collar (and matching ruffled cuff) is perfectly ostentatious. A magnificent addition to any over the top, performance or display outfit.

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okapiknits: White Okapi Top

Okapiknits takes the meaning of “art knitting” to a whole new level. This Parisian designer has all sorts of Knit delights in her shop. I found this one particularly fresh and unique.

Definitely check out her other stuff after viewing the listing (which is reserved for someone else – so order one for yourself!)

iheartnorwegianwood: Harness “Yen” Bra

I thought this bra top was adorable. Perhaps it’s lingerie, perhaps you could get away with it at a festival. Whatever you choose, it comes to you from Angie Johnson out of Montreal. With nearly 3000 sales in her store, I’m not really sure how she keeps up – but you’ll know you’re getting a decent product!

Harness "Yen" Bra – Elastic Banding, Metal Buckles and Aubergine and Taupe Lace