LoreTree: Chariot Circle Skirt

How can you not feel happy when you look at this? The juicy colours are enough to salivate over, and that joyful swish of the skirt is the perfect accent for the model’s smile. Lovely!

Circle skirt – Tarot VII – The Chariot – OOAK

joclothing: Hooded Tunic

For a very wearable, asymmetric look, head to Jo Clothing. I particularly liked the olive and black combination in this particular piece, as well as the upward sweep of the hood. Very elegant for such a casual look.

half sleeved hooded tunic dress Black/Olive Green

runnickyrun: AVRIL Purple Puffy Pleated Mini Plaid Skirt

Run Nicky Run is the Etsy store of Nicky Hwang, from Taipei, Taiwan. Her profile picture features a girl with a leather and chains mask on, so instantly that’s pretty alternative.

I loved everything in her store when I first looked through it… And I still do. The skirt above is interesting to me because I have one just like it, from Punky Fish, just without the flare out. It’s straight. It’s also super-mini – this actually looks wearable without a pair of pants underneath.

Check out the listing. The title says it’s a skirt/shorts, so not sure if it’s a “skort” style thing, or what. I can’t believe I just put that ugly word on my blog. Lol.

SugarKitty Corsets: The Mini Bustle

When I saw these mini bustles by SugarKitty Corsets, I absolutely fell in love. What a fantastic, unique accessory! I’d love to own one… I’m just stuck on where to wear it. It’s a very specific sort of piece, and I’m no “pro” Burlesque dancer, so… I’m not sure. I have felt I could probably make it work at music fests, if nowhere else.

I contacted the shop owner, Shannon, asking for suggestions on what to pair with the bustle. She wrote back with the following:

icm_fullxfull.23468585_3flasmsmqi2o0ww4g8cs“Personally, my favorite combination is a mini bustle paired with a pair of bloomers! I think they look cute with pettiskirts and tutus as well. It sort of takes on a whole new look, because you’ve got the added fullness of the tutu/pettiskirt.

And here, though it’s not the best angle for it, you can see a mini bustle with a pair of side tie panties (on the model in purple): etsy.com/listing/76323676/waspie-underbust-corset-custom-made.

I’m also attaching an image of a model wearing bloomers with a mini bustle. Again, not the best example because the outfit is too big for her (I originally made it for another model who bailed out on me), but still a fairly decent representation.”