Kaorimg: Shiny Metallic Latex Dress

The latex clothing trend seems to be growing, and it’s not hard to see why! Erase the years by slipping on one of these and you can look like a perfect doll. I found this particular dress very striking.

Super shiny deep metallic blue Latex halter neck dress with ruffles and bows

BeastWares: Turquoise Holographic Jacket

You know I can never say “no” to holographic turquoise! I’d say this jacket would probably go well with the Blue Morphose boots I posted about. That’s IF you wanted an all-around, power-packed punch of colour – so you may need to be aiming for the Superhero look. In that case, I’d also throw on a pair of iridescent mermaid leggings, as well. Oh man what a shock of blue that would be, walking down the street! Lol!

OOAK Turquoise Holographic Cowlie Zip Jacket–Size Small