IvyVining: Chain Fringe Mini-Skirt

Ivy Vining’s been making clothes sinxe the tender age of, well, 3 (with safety pins), or 5 (by sewing machine). Eesh, a veritable genius of classical music caliber, it seems.

This is no simple fringe skirt – it’s made with real chains, individually hand-attached. Fabulous. The other items in her store are also worth a long peak. Nice.

Silver Chain Fringe Mini Skirt

SPECIAL: Toxic Vision Releases New Wave of Clothing – TODAY ONLY

Toxic Vision - heavy metal gear for the metal chick

Toxic Vision - heavy metal gear for the metal chick

I know how much you love Toxic Vision – cos it’s as much as I do!

Check out man-killer Sharon Toxic’s new line, in her Big Cartel store today – likely not to stick around for too long. Although, she does charge art-level prices for her unique designs – cos they are ALL one of a kind. So make sure you got a chunk of cash in your bank account for this!

StrangeVintage: Upcycled Underbust Vest

Steeltoe Princess from San Francisco makes these Victorian styled underbusts from upcycled materials. I realoy like the design she’s got going on these. Great way to enhance your Steampunk bust!

Strange Vintage Custom-Black Upcycled Underbust Vest-White Lace & Bows-Copper Key Hardware-Victorian Steampunk

SuperAwesomeFunTime: Ball chain dress

This dress is pretty crazy… Not too sure when you’d wear it. I’d imagine any Grecians you don this around may find it particularly cheesey, especially in Greece. But I think you could pull it off at a very hot music festival – perhaps in the shade? I’d be worried about all that metal burnin’ ya in the sun!

Ball chain dress

MetalbecDIY: Raider Vest

I’ve enjoyed the work of MetalbecDIY for a few years now. I’ve bought a skirt and a dress off her, and I’d get more if I had unlimited funds! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy her work too. It’s a slightly more wearable version of the heavy metal look – it’s not so over the top that you can’t wear this stuff in daily life. Well, maybe not to the office, but pretty much anywhere else. Check out the above Raider Vest.