MasqueradeCollection: Venetian Phantom Mask

I had some difficulty selecting only one mask to feature! You absolutely MUST click through to see the whole store – *I* loved every single piece. And not bad on the prices… Wonder what the quality is like. Anyway, stunning.

Masquerade Mask Collection – Black Venetian Phantom Mask with Elegant Diamonds~

beadmask: Wicked Imp Leather Mask in Cracked Pewter and Black

Andrea Adams from Seattle hand makes all the masks and jewelry you’ll find at beadmask. I love this mask… What a great way to get a lightweight, beautifully textured and colourful mask that isnnt too fragile and won’t break the bank (I’m thinking of those incredible Italian masks made of metal – will have to be another post).

Check out the listing and order one for yourself: leather mask.

gringrimaceandsqueak: fantastical masks

Karen and Rich from Scarborough, UK, hand make and stock all the masks on Etsy store Grin, Grimace and Squeak.

The masks are wonderfully whimsical, as you can see. Each ready made piece is one-of-a-kind, and they also do custom work for the more discerning customer.

If you’re jonesing for one of these masks, you’re in luck – they’re running a promo right now – free shipping if you live in the UK, and if you’re outside, they’ll cover as much for shipping as the cost would be were you in the UK. But not the whole amount. Be sure to check their store info about the promo. Go check ’em out!