MikiBeFashion: Tye Dye leggings

These leggings must be cotton? The listing doesn’t say, but I know from experience you can’t dye synthetic materials like what leggings are usually made from, so I’m wondering how these are tie dyed. Anyway, no matter, hot pink, grey and black work well together like this. Paint splotch look all the way!

Fuchsia Pink & Gray Tye Dye leggings

MoLeKuLa: Sheer Snake Print Leggings

Came across Molekula, from Israel, recently. I really like her unique styles – all urban, slightly punk but totally wearable. And they look like good quality too. Beautiful stuff. These sheer leggings are pretty neat.

Sheer , Lase , Transparent Sexy Women Leggings, Snake Print

4TheWild: Cut-Out Black Leggings

This braiding technique has become really popular in the past few years, at least on Etsy. I really like the effect that applying this technique to leggings creates, shown here. I’m sure there are many other possible patterns as well.

Black Leggings, Festival Tights, Summer Bottoms, Stretch Pants, Yoga Pants, EDC, Sexy Cover up Pants, Summer Style, Front Cut Out Design