AlternateHistory: Dragonling Headpiece

Apart from the wicked store name, AlternateHistory holds within many beautiful works of art to discover. I particularly liked this baby dragon-featuring headpiece.

Dragonling Headpiece – Antiqued Bronze Plate Chain and Solid Bronze Coin Head Chain

DeadlyCurvesCorsets: Leather Corset with Detachable Vamp Collar

This corset is great. I LOVE the high collar on it – looks so witchy. The shade of purple is a little Halloweeny, but i’m sure that’d still work for most people who’d want this – if you wanna wear it for your alternative fashion festivals the rest of the year, maybe get it in a sexy black and red?

Made to Order in your choice of colors Stunning handmade Corset with detachable vamp collar Steel Boned and fully lined Custom Made for you