jenfashion: Bat Sleeve Hoody

This piece feels more “on trend” – less alt, but I liked the styling and it’s still kinda different, in my eyes. Plus, it looks high quality, not always something you get when you pay $80+ to a chain store for a slave-produced garment!

Ivory white Bat sleeves hoody zipper sweater

Sophiaclothing: Rose Red Hooded Jacket Fluffy Artificial Suede Leather Hoodie Spring Trench Coat Autumn Coat

Yes, another shop from China (and therefore, most likely factory made), but I just really love the style of this coat. Ok, I don’t love the awkward collar, but the flare on the bottom, and the way it ends in a bubble, is adorable – something I haven’t seen in too many coats.

Rose Red Hooded Jacket Fluffy Artificial Suede Leather Hoodie Spring Trench Coat Autumn Coat long sleeves custom Women Tunic – NC266

PravdaBo: Denim Jacket with Velvet Collar

Another one for the guys! This shirt-jacket for him is quite sporting! I like the blue and brown colour combination. Will probably work best on a shaggy-haired boy, much like the one pictured here.

Strict denim jacket with velvet collar and cuffs and a cotton lining. Premier bataillon philosophique

BeastWares: Turquoise Holographic Jacket

You know I can never say “no” to holographic turquoise! I’d say this jacket would probably go well with the Blue Morphose boots I posted about. That’s IF you wanted an all-around, power-packed punch of colour – so you may need to be aiming for the Superhero look. In that case, I’d also throw on a pair of iridescent mermaid leggings, as well. Oh man what a shock of blue that would be, walking down the street! Lol!

OOAK Turquoise Holographic Cowlie Zip Jacket–Size Small

linusmanus: mixed material hoodie jacket

Linusmanus is run by Norwegian Line Rostad. She tags all her listings with words like “festival”, “steam punk”, and “goth”, so you’ll easily find her stuff when hunting for those keywords. Another one whose store houses many items I immediately fell in love with. From my very short time in Amsterdam, at the beginning of July 2011, I can tell it’s a cold country, much cooler even than Toronto (I don’t spend a lot of time much further north, because for me, cold = depression), so I’d say if you’re a festival-goer in the northern hemisphere, this store probably has a suitable costume for the cold overnight wanderings festivals induce.

Check out the listing for this stunning jacket, and don’t miss the other gems in this store!