HarmonicThreads: Goddess Onesie

I’ll be honest. I’m really not into onesies. They don’t really work for my body type, which involves a long torso, disproportionately short legs (thanks for smoking as kids, mom and dad!), and no chest to speak of – so the onesies I’ve tried in the past just don’t fit right! But if they do work for you – this one is particularly cute. Though you’d probably only be able to get away with it at burning man, or something!

Goddess Onesie

4TheWild: Cut-Out Black Leggings

This braiding technique has become really popular in the past few years, at least on Etsy. I really like the effect that applying this technique to leggings creates, shown here. I’m sure there are many other possible patterns as well.

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KrakenWhip: Jellyfish Halter

Kristin Gallup from California runs this Etsy shop – I’m kinda jealous, too. Clearly she’s made it to Burning Man, a feat I have yet to accomplish. Doesn’t help living on the other side of the continent, in a different country :p still, this doesn’t take away from the cute and kooky clothes you’ll find in her store. I love the colours in this top, and the way the tendrils emphasise the butt – festival gear, for sure!

Check out the listing!