ChapeauCarmine: Sinamay Saucer Hat

ChapeauCarmine has lots of gorgeous hats in her shop. This hot pink cap is so cute! I like the tagline – “The Paparazzi Shield” – lol. I suppose that’s really only an issue if you’re famous. But that’s why we’re here – at least you can pretend!

Sinamay Saucer Cocktail Hat – The Paparazzi Shield

HettieSilovitz: Peacock Feather Fascinator

Hettie makes and sells these beautiful feather headpieces. Each one is unique, and you can also ask her to custon design one for you. The perfect way to complete any dressy outfit.

Peacock Feather Crystal Flower Black Sinamay Fascinator Hat with Veil and Satin Headband, for weddings, parties, evening, cocktail

mynoush: 1920s Bohemian Hat

Mynoush is a great place to find bohemian clothes. I particularly enjoyed this flapper-style hat.

Be sure to check out the other listings when you visit – there are some wonderful little armwarmers, dresses and tops as well: 1920s hat Flapper hat Bohemian Wedding hat Bridal cap Vintage hat Crochet hat Wedding cap Woman cap Bohemian hat Art nouveau headdress