GutterCouture: The Gypsy Scarf

I can’t help it. I’m just a sucker for anything distressed/destroyed/mucked up. Guess I’m punk to the core.

The Gypsy Scarf. alternative clothing. wearable art. ladies. traveler. gypsy. wanderer. gift. one of a kind

marinaasta: Ruffled Collar

This large ruffled collar (and matching ruffled cuff) is perfectly ostentatious. A magnificent addition to any over the top, performance or display outfit.

Red Ruffled Collar/ Detachable collar/ Red scarf/ Ruffled scarf/ Sexy neckpiece/ gift for her/ rusteam tt team team madcap bioteam

galstern: Hand Printed Tights

These sheer, hand-painted in gold ink tights are just fabulous. What a sleek, and inventive way to highlight your legs without the typical overly loud, difficult to look at patterning you often see. The effect is subtle – as if your legs have been painted directly. Love it!

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