pinkpurse: Upcycled Vintage Slip Flapper

Michelle from the States makes these one-of-a-kind 20s style flapper dresses from vintage slips she finds.

Don’t mind the photo in the top left; I “liked” the item when it was on a flash sale – it’s gone back to its regular price now. Either way, sale or not – not a bad deal for such gorgeous garments!

Weekend Surprise SALE FLAPPER Downton Abbey 1920s Gatsby Speakeasy – Vintage Slip Make Over – Black and Burgundy

IvyVining: Chain Fringe Mini-Skirt

Ivy Vining’s been making clothes sinxe the tender age of, well, 3 (with safety pins), or 5 (by sewing machine). Eesh, a veritable genius of classical music caliber, it seems.

This is no simple fringe skirt – it’s made with real chains, individually hand-attached. Fabulous. The other items in her store are also worth a long peak. Nice.

Silver Chain Fringe Mini Skirt