HarmonicThreads: Goddess Onesie

I’ll be honest. I’m really not into onesies. They don’t really work for my body type, which involves a long torso, disproportionately short legs (thanks for smoking as kids, mom and dad!), and no chest to speak of – so the onesies I’ve tried in the past just don’t fit right! But if they do work for you – this one is particularly cute. Though you’d probably only be able to get away with it at burning man, or something!

Goddess Onesie

ahniradvanyi: Hyperbolic Dance Legwarmers

These are some pretty amazing legwarmers, from artist-designer, Ahnira Dvanyi. She was born in Ohio, then moved to California to study fashion design, and now lives in Southern California, creating adjustable, highly wearable art clothes. Sounds like an amazing life… Not hard to believe when you look through all the beautiful offerings in her shop!

Hyperbolic Dance Floor Fairy Legs, Dancing Knee Skirts. Shin covers. Boot Covers. Flow pants. Leg Warmers.

4TheWild: Cut-Out Black Leggings

This braiding technique has become really popular in the past few years, at least on Etsy. I really like the effect that applying this technique to leggings creates, shown here. I’m sure there are many other possible patterns as well.

Black Leggings, Festival Tights, Summer Bottoms, Stretch Pants, Yoga Pants, EDC, Sexy Cover up Pants, Summer Style, Front Cut Out Design