GabardineCouture: Hand-felted Wool Scarf

The hand-felted scarves in this store are each unique pieces of art, beautiful. This one evokes the petals of a flower fully in bloom.

Hand felted scarf purple and fushia merino wool

elfnfelt: Elvish Ivory Waistcoat

Sophie named her store, Elfnfelt, accurately. She makes these beautiful, elfen vests and armwarmers. I really liked the look of this one, but there are all sorts of other colours available as well.

womens hand felted cream ivory wedding bolero waistcoat/ vest unique merino wool with natural hemp silk fibers

RuchkiKruchkI: Mistress of Autumnal Spider-webs

This was featured on Etsy’s home page. I think it was the model’s firey red hair that first caught my attention. The spiderweb dress definitely retained it! It’s stunning. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Dress maxi halloween grey rusty red chocolate boho crochet lace beaded felted embrodered "Mistress of autumnal spider-webs" in pure wool

vilte: White and golden felt coat fur-free kimono

White and golden felt coat fur free kimono

This beauty, and all of the daydream-worthy pieces on the vilte Etsy store, use felting to produce cloud-like fabrics that make the models look like ethereal beings emerging from the Heavens.

The designer, Vilte Kazlauskaite, has been felting for years, and alludes to the pieces she creates as “felting poetry”. You can check out her website at And what a luckily beautiful and unique name as well!