PoshFairytaleCouture: Longhorn Mohawk Headdress

This ridiculously over the top headdress is truly magnificent. I only wish I could justify owning such a magnificent piece of fashion art… Not to mention, having the space to store it! *sigh*… A girl can dream!

READY TO SHIP Turquoise and gold Longhorn mohawk Futuristic gaga halloween rocker Burning man Fantasy headdress headpeice

BubblesAndFrown: Feather Headdress

This feather haddress is amazing. Makes me wish I were a performer, but alas… I lack the desire for attention required of such a role. Seems too delicate for my regular party costume forays… But a girl can dream, eh?

Ravens Love…. Feather Headdress in Black with Beads and Veil