ChapeauCarmine: Sinamay Saucer Hat

ChapeauCarmine has lots of gorgeous hats in her shop. This hot pink cap is so cute! I like the tagline – “The Paparazzi Shield” – lol. I suppose that’s really only an issue if you’re famous. But that’s why we’re here – at least you can pretend!

Sinamay Saucer Cocktail Hat – The Paparazzi Shield

ArturoRios: Black Beaded Horns

When i was a teen living in the suburbs of Toronto *shudder*, One of the few bright spots was attending the annual Medieval Festival in the summer (before they stopped coming out this Far). One of the vebdors had neat little head accessories – lile horns. Had my own for a long time, till I lost them. Ever since, I’ve had an affinity for horn accessories. These ones are a little more on the “LOOK AT ME NOW!!!!” side than the pair I had, bit they’re cool nonetheless!

Black Beaded Horns, Couture Horns Headpiece, Fashion Headpiece-Halloween Hat

HettieSilovitz: Peacock Feather Fascinator

Hettie makes and sells these beautiful feather headpieces. Each one is unique, and you can also ask her to custon design one for you. The perfect way to complete any dressy outfit.

Peacock Feather Crystal Flower Black Sinamay Fascinator Hat with Veil and Satin Headband, for weddings, parties, evening, cocktail

CandysHats: Mini Top Hat

I’ve seen a number of fashion houses get really into latex clothes and accessories lately. I’m not 100% sure what the fad is all about – paying that much for lingerie to be worn a few times in the bedroom seems a little over the top to me. And I can’t think of anywhere one could otherwise decently wear such pieces, other than as a *ahem* “performer” of sorts, so… But if you wanted to get yourself a little safe PVC, here’s a great mini top hat for your head!

Red PVC Mini top Hat Goth Burlesque PinUp Lolita Rubber Fetish Mad Hatter Alice in Wonderland Fascinator