MolekulaFreeSpiriT: Asymmetrical Ruffle Skirt

Browsing around, I came across MolekulaFreeSpirit before coming across Molekula (from yesterday’s post). Intrigued by this skirt, I flipped over to her favourites and found Molekula. Malinka is listed as the shop owner on both store, and this one only has 2 items on it so I’m guessing this must be her experimentation ground? Whatever the case, this skirt is pretty sweet, so lucky her, she gets 2 posts in a row ๐Ÿ˜‰

Free Spirit Asymmetric Grey Ruffle Skirt

DeadDollsShop: Feather Shoulder Wrap

I think I’ve featured luxurious feathered items before. This shoulder piece will definitely make you stand out – you may have to ensure you’ll be treated like a Queen when you wear this tho – no messy crowds, tight squeezing between people or objects, and definitely no carrying a purse! But accessories this fantastical are not meant for practicality!

Goth feather shoulder wrap shrug in black Burlesque Fantasy

BruteForceStudios: Leather Dragon Slayer Armor

Wow… Just wow! These are clearly well-crafted pieces. The ultimate gladiator costume… I can’t even imagine ever having a place to wear this to – maybe some kind of Roman times festival? Do those even exist? Well anyway, of you’re ever filming anything in that time period… Check out their other stuff too. Wicked steam punk accessories and costume pieces.

Ladies' Leather Red Dragon Slayer Fantasy Armor