AlternateHistory: Dragonling Headpiece

Apart from the wicked store name, AlternateHistory holds within many beautiful works of art to discover. I particularly liked this baby dragon-featuring headpiece.

Dragonling Headpiece – Antiqued Bronze Plate Chain and Solid Bronze Coin Head Chain

linusmanus: The Fairy Bride’s Romantic Lace Dress

This lace dress is so pretty. The tank design flaring out at the botttom is a very flattering look. Beautiful.

The Fairy Bride’s White Romantic Lace Dress – in white lace and stretch fabric small to medium

AnuttaraCrafts: Top , Vest and Skirt

Yulia brings you her beautiful, bohemian sryles from India. Anuttara means “peerless”, or “unsurpassed”, and truly Yulia’s work is difficult to find any comparison to. Definitely check out the other items in her store! (Tip: it’s also really neat seeing what her corner of India is like, in the backgrounds of her photos.)

whole Outfit – Top , Vest and Skirt with discount

frixiegirl: Nuno Felted Witches Jacket

I love the way nuno felting lends itself to fantasy fashion. It brings to mind images of old television productions featuring felted hand puppets in mystical settings. Except now people are wearing these felted creations. I love the shape and texture of this felted, hooded jacket.

Nuno Felted Melted Witches Holey Corset Closure Halter Neck Detachable Pixie Hood Vest Top OOAK