PrettyNatali: Airy Crochet Necklace

Natalia sells her handmade jewelry and accessories in this shop, out of Bulgaria. I love the ethereal cloud of invisible fishing line in this necklace. It’s beautiful.

Airy crochet Necklace with seed beads, black agate beads / black modern jewelry

siskatank: Mini Tube Dress Stretch

I LOVE the stuff over at siskatank. Every last item. I just picked out this dress for its flattering shape, and its beautiful, deconstructed texture. I want to buy myself a few outfits from here – the prices aren’t bad for unique, alternative Italian fashion.

Mini DRESS Tube Stretch WHITE post apocalyptic goth vest

AliquidTextileJewels: Black Crochet Necklace

A very striking, handcrafted necklace. The shape perfectly accentuates the wearer’s neck, and I love how unique the combination of crochet with these particular beads is.

Plus, it’s currently on sale… How can you go wrong? ON SALE Black crochet necklace raku pendant / Raku ceramic pendant Aliquid / Fashion jewelry / Ceramic jewelry / Crochet jewelry

MegiMikos: Silk Marbles Necklace

I found the colours and texture in this piece to be so soothing. I’m guessing the mqim section of the necklace is made of circles cut out of silk. It’s a very wearable, pretty piece, easy to slip on for daily duties!

Also, the maker is offering free shipping at the mo’ – get in on it.

KarybdisAtelier: Victorian duchess outfit

Hey, she’s clearing out her work for a move, so some really interesting pieces here for a relatively good price. This beautiful white corset and skirt combination would make a gorgeous traditional, white Victorian styled wedding dress. Check out the other stuff in the store, there’s some raw material up for grabs as well.

CLEARANCE Victorian outfit duchesse satin ivory CORSET overbust and SKIRT mermaid shaped, with snowflake lace, gift

Kteis: Sheer silk blouse in gothic red with spider webs

What beautiful artwork you will find in Kteis’s store – she hand paints all of her silk scarves and tops, and due to its natural sheen, the colours all shine slightly metallic. Sounds delightful…

Kteis operates her store from Croatia, and will make tops in s, m or l from any of the scarf designs you see in her store. Check out the listing.