AlternateHistory: Dragonling Headpiece

Apart from the wicked store name, AlternateHistory holds within many beautiful works of art to discover. I particularly liked this baby dragon-featuring headpiece.

Dragonling Headpiece – Antiqued Bronze Plate Chain and Solid Bronze Coin Head Chain

ElvenstarDesign: Medieval Tiara

I don’t generally wear tiaras. I remember around prom time was when I learned they were even a thing for anyone over 5, but even then I didn’t get one. They are beautiful though, and certainly I’d wear them if I had more opportunities. I suppose I just associate them too much with royalty, and since I’m not, why would I ever don one? Anyway, being an Elven princess sometime is far more within reach than ever being real royalty, so in that case I’d pick up one of these gorgeous tiaras from ElvenstarDesign.

Medieval circlet tiara pagan fantasy ELVEN Dragon game of thrones crown Elven