GoingNomad: White Crow Shawl

Sara Eleonara of Reykjavik, Iceland, brings you these magnificent felted merino wool shawls, which look like soaring birds when opened to their full majesty. She’s currently put her store on vacation mode, though, so wait until the New Year before ordering anything, so as not to be disappointed!

Felted Merino Wool Shawl White Crow

ObsKuRniaDreads: Steampunk Synthetic Dreads

I mean, I dunno how much sticking cogs on something makes it real steampunk, but I’d say the colour scheme is about right. Also not too sure how dreads fit into Steampunk, but I’m sure there’s a way. Regardless of labels and definitions, these fake locks look pretty sweet. I’d definitely don them.

90 single ended synthetic dreads steampunk