Agoraphobix: Spray Paint Pleated Skirt

Yet another store I had a hard time selecting just one piece from. All the punky styles and fun colours here have me wanting everything listed! Hahaha. And this is why I run I this blog – because notions like that are simply unrealistic. Enjoy!

Agoraphobix Punk Army "kill" spray paint neon green pleated skirt

FeelingVagueVintage: 90’s Neon Cut Out Platform Sandals

All those memes that were going around Facebook in the past 10 years about “if you grew up in the 80s, then you experienced this!” – well, that’s what it was like for me looking through this store. The first shock for me being, 90s is now considered vintage?!?!? Ah!!!! And then the fact that almost every single piece in the store, I would have surely drooled over at the time. The statement pieces are incredible. It’s like a museum of cybergoth culture relics. Truly amazing. I want every item in there, including these incredible clogs – despite the fact it’s very likely difficult to find somewhere to wear ’em to! Rave? Too many pouncing feet. Beach? Why ruin them? Walking around the street? Mmm… Far too mundane. Well, good luck in your hunt to find a venue to wear ’em to!

90's Neon Lime Green Mega Cut Out Platform Wedge Sandals // 7.5

SparkleFide: Cosmic Rave Costume

Holy mackerel! SparkleFide’s stuff is freaking incredible!!! The colours, the textures, the coordination – I assemble similar outfits every time I go to a party, tho I have yet to incorporate much fun fur, or any fuzzy animal hats. Soon!

Go get yerself some serious UV and stop piddling about with that horrific neon all the big box stores a peddling these days!
Custom Cosmic Rave Costume