Felinus: Textured Bubble Skirt

I absolutely adore this skirt by amazing fashion designer, Sumie Tachibana (she designed and sewed the vest my husband wore to our steampunk wedding). The skirt’s already, sadly for us, been snatched up, but definitely keep an eye on this designer’s shop!

SALE Black Textured Bubble Skirt (29 inch waistband)

Sophiaclothing: Rose Red Hooded Jacket Fluffy Artificial Suede Leather Hoodie Spring Trench Coat Autumn Coat

Yes, another shop from China (and therefore, most likely factory made), but I just really love the style of this coat. Ok, I don’t love the awkward collar, but the flare on the bottom, and the way it ends in a bubble, is adorable – something I haven’t seen in too many coats.

Rose Red Hooded Jacket Fluffy Artificial Suede Leather Hoodie Spring Trench Coat Autumn Coat long sleeves custom Women Tunic – NC266

BIBICCO: Asymmetrical Tube Top

I like the simplicityof this asymmetrical top. A tube, a cute one-sided shoulder, and you’re off to the races! Pair it with some cigarette pants if you’re going out at night and don’t mind plenty of stares, or a cute short skirt during a hot summer’s day.

Check out Bibicco’s other work while you’re there, lots of cute stuff: Black Tube Top, Asymetrical Tube Top, Basic Tube Top, simple Tube Top

TopCloset: UK Flag Screen Print Leggings

Since it’s Victoria Day, here in Canada, I figured I’d give a nod to my home country with these wicked UK flag pants. My parents think it’s weird I love the UK flag so much. I think it’s partly because it’s a flag I can allege to, that’s NOT American. The Canadian flag is just so boring – it looks like Christmas, gone wrong (cos who has Maple leaves at Christmas?). Anyway, it’s inexplicable – but it’s there. UK pride all the way!

Note: these leggings come at ya from Thailand, so if you’re looking to support a UK artist, don’t get these. LOL!

Check out the listing. The store also has lots of other cool stuff.

EnlightenedPlatypus: Upcycled Black Coat

These fun and fanciful coats by Enlightened Platypus are the perfect addition to your fairy/woods people costumes. I absolutely love the way they flow, their shape and the wonderful colour combinations the maker has come up with. This particular coat is reserved for a specific person, but I’m sure you could have the maker create one of your very own!

Check out this Upcycled Black Coat on Etsy.