Jynxsbox: The Trinket Collector Ear Cuff

Omg I super love these adorable steampunk earcuffs. I totally wish I’d seen these before my steampunk wedding last year!

SlaveToSteampunk -The Trinket Collector Ear Cuff

IvyVining: Chain Fringe Mini-Skirt

Ivy Vining’s been making clothes sinxe the tender age of, well, 3 (with safety pins), or 5 (by sewing machine). Eesh, a veritable genius of classical music caliber, it seems.

This is no simple fringe skirt – it’s made with real chains, individually hand-attached. Fabulous. The other items in her store are also worth a long peak. Nice.

Silver Chain Fringe Mini Skirt

JAKIMACSHOP: Leather & Chain Cascade Necklace

Lovin’ the look of these bulky pieces of jewelry and accessories. The leather and chains combine into a real bad-ass adornment. Check out the shop for other stuff like harnesses, too. Wicked ๐Ÿ˜‰

Leather & Chain Cascade Necklace with Studded Detail

TotusMel: Tatted Lace Shoulder Adornment

I don’t recall how or when I came across Totus Mel’s work, but I’ve been a fan ever since. In fact, I took a beginner’s needle tatting workshop as a result. I have yet to make anything nearly as beautiful as she does, however… So get yourself over to her store and pick yourself up some unique, conversation starting accessories… Tatted Lace Shoulder Adornment – Trinity