lovechildboudoir: Absinthe Angel Carnivale Bustle

These bustles are some truly haute couture. They not only look well-made, the details are also fantastic. And the choices of colours, texture, sheen and pattern.

Definitely check out Lovechild Boudoir’s other listings too: Burlesque Gothic Carnivale Bustle Skirt ABSINTHE ANGEL Victorian Decadence by Lovechild Boudoir

Carouselink: Garter Leggings

I dunno why I like these so much – I’m typically not one for stripes, and I don’t care for brown and black all that much, but these tights are just darling!

Garter Leggings – Burlesque – Womens Legging – BLACK – Garter leggings – printed Tights – OZ – SMALL – Suspender leggings

DarkEleganceDesigns: LUCRETIA Necklace in Ruby red

This choker is breathtaking. I love how it outlines the shape of the neck, enhancing it. There isn’t even a neck in the shot! If this one doesn’t quite suit your fancy, Dark Elegance has many more up for grabs, in different styles, and featuring colours other than just red.

Gothic black lace choker steampunk necklace – Chains, cross and ornate Ruby red pendant – LUCRETIA in Ruby red

CandysHats: Mini Top Hat

I’ve seen a number of fashion houses get really into latex clothes and accessories lately. I’m not 100% sure what the fad is all about – paying that much for lingerie to be worn a few times in the bedroom seems a little over the top to me. And I can’t think of anywhere one could otherwise decently wear such pieces, other than as a *ahem* “performer” of sorts, so… But if you wanted to get yourself a little safe PVC, here’s a great mini top hat for your head!

Red PVC Mini top Hat Goth Burlesque PinUp Lolita Rubber Fetish Mad Hatter Alice in Wonderland Fascinator