AnuttaraCrafts: Top , Vest and Skirt

Yulia brings you her beautiful, bohemian sryles from India. Anuttara means “peerless”, or “unsurpassed”, and truly Yulia’s work is difficult to find any comparison to. Definitely check out the other items in her store! (Tip: it’s also really neat seeing what her corner of India is like, in the backgrounds of her photos.)

whole Outfit – Top , Vest and Skirt with discount

TreadLightGear: Forest Purse

Tread Light Gear sources all of its leather from buffalo slaughtered for food – thus, I suppose, the name “tread light”. All their shoes and purses/bags are handcrafted by leather artisans, and they’re all beautiful. I love the leaf design on this purse, and they have some lovely, similarly styled boots as well.

NEW 2013 Medium Forest Purse