Charmecharming: Leather / Silk Bracelet

Maybe to go with yesterday’s scarf? This shade of magenta gets me every time!

Leather / Silk bracelet with magnetic closure

CustomCatastrophes: Thrash Wrist Cuff

It was hard to select just what I wanted to feature from CustomCatastrophes, because – as with all the good shops – there’s lots of interesting designs here too. But in the realm of cuffs, these stand out in particular. Roughed up, but solid-looking, I’d pick these up for myself OR my man. Wicked ๐Ÿ˜€

Thrash Wrist Cuff

OnceAgainSam: Leather Cutout Cuff

I saw cuffs like this, but made of metal, at Guess earlier this year. But I think this is a nicer rendition… More malleable, not to mention cheaper!

Leather Cutout Cuff – Geometric Pattern – Laser Cut (Bright Orange)