OshunCreations: Gothic Ball Gown

Gothic ball gown, prom dress, red & black fairy gypsy pirate dress, party dress, fire goddess dress, Vampire costume Size medium

AmazingThaiStore: Convertible Aladdin Pants

Lots of really sweet pants in this Thai Etsy store… For both men and women. I can totally see my man in a few pairs of these baggy, stylish, yet comfy summer pants…

Convertible Aladdin Unisex Pants Kanok Swirl Curl Pattern with Pull Up Drawstrings Textured Cotton (PU-Black)

malowanelnem: Romantic Fingerless Gloves

Love the look of these arm warmers. The yarn looks soft and light, yet warm, and the colour combo of red and black is one of my all-time faves.

Romantic Red Fingerless Gloves Mittens Arm Warmers Linen Knitted with Unique Felt Fower Appliques Eco Friendly

KelseysCreationsShop: Black Blush Tailcoat

This piece caught my eye and I still love it. In fact, there are many gorgeous pieces in Kelsey’s shop – it was difficult to pick only one to feature (as is often the case). But a pink tailcoat? Too unique to pass up ๐Ÿ˜‰

TAIL COAT – Black Blush Burning Man, Black and Pink, Steampunk, Victorian, Gothic, Boho, Small – Medium

GoingNomad: White Crow Shawl

Sara Eleonara of Reykjavik, Iceland, brings you these magnificent felted merino wool shawls, which look like soaring birds when opened to their full majesty. She’s currently put her store on vacation mode, though, so wait until the New Year before ordering anything, so as not to be disappointed!

Felted Merino Wool Shawl White Crow

idea2lifestyle: Lotus 2-in-1 Dress and Skirt

Idea2Lifestyle comes out of China, and for that reason I’m certain the stuff is made in factories. For that reason, I also have no idea if the photos depict the actual clothes they make, or whether they are just making cheap versions of them (I’ve had that issue when ordering from China before… I comforted myself by reminding myself “You get what you pay for!”). If you care about that kind of thing, it’s always a good idea to inquire about sources. Regardless, they have some unique and interesting clothing styles, like this adorable combined dress-skirt.

Blue Lotus 2-in-1 dress and skirt set (Q1209)

RuchkiKruchkI: Mistress of Autumnal Spider-webs

This was featured on Etsy’s home page. I think it was the model’s firey red hair that first caught my attention. The spiderweb dress definitely retained it! It’s stunning. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Dress maxi halloween grey rusty red chocolate boho crochet lace beaded felted embrodered "Mistress of autumnal spider-webs" in pure wool