murmuration: Faux leather leggings

My faux snakeskin leather leggings from >5 years ago (yeah, that look was way big in 2013 – I’m solo ahead of these trends doncha know) are on their last legs… Maybe time to restock on a pair of these babies? ๐Ÿ™‚

Faux leather leggings – metallic black spandex soft goth grunge, street style fashion for women – small murmuration

Carouselink: Mermaid Leggings

Carrying on a more fantasy theme this week, how about these mermaid/fishscale leggings? What a wonderful idea! They look really cool… May snag these for myself, post-wedding!

The shop owner comes from Nashville, Tennessee, and from what I can tell she seems to hand paint all her leggings with fantastical scenes from your favourite fairy tales.

Check out the listing, and be sure to look at her other items!

Fractureswear: Jersey & lace leggings

Fractures wear is a new clothing line out of Rome, Italy. Their store is a bit sparse of diversity at the moment, but there’s a few nice pieces, like these leggings. I’m gonna keep ’em on my watch list, for sure.

Check out the listing.