marcellamoda: Party Dress

The designs at MarcellaModa are all unique, designed in NYC, and produced in Bulgaria. It’s a family-run store, and this particular dress, with its cute little off-shoulder flare, is currently 20 % off! Also, a nice touch, proceeds from each sale go to UNICEF. Buy local AND do a good deed – can’t go wrong on this one!

20% SALE Party Dress / Black Cocktail Dress / Sheath Dress – Donation to UNICEF – Model 74

snowoutlet: Babydoll Lace Sundress

I can’t tell if this is *actual* vintage, or just vintage style (I’d guess the latter, based on other items stocked in the store), but either way, it’s totally adorable.

J1890 Vintage babydoll lace sundress Tunic gothic goth lolita fashion casual sun summer woman clothing New Black DRESS size M L

ROHMY: Draped Black Lace

ROHMY comes at you from Germany, with some seriously sweet rope couture dresses. But I picked this one out – less for its ropes (since it barely has any compared to the other styles), and more for its overall shape. Check it out – you won’t be disappointed by the other styles, either. Maybe by the prices though… which are sky high!

Draped Black Lace- Dress "Ravenna", ROHMY Gold Label /// Couture /// Sirens Collection

SomniaRomantica: Dress Vigonza

Looking for a gorgeous, ruffley, feminine, corset-topped dress to shimmy in? This is it… I can’t imagine feeling anything but beautiful in this dress.

Dress Vigonza, burlesque, sexy, XS-S, victorian, carnival of venice, Somnia Romantica by Marjolein Turin

SomniaRomantica: Dress Lourdes

Check out this Victorian-styled dress, all asymmetrical and decorated with pretty frilly lace. The wet look material is totally in style Too, for your fashionistas that insist on only wearing the most “in” trends right now. I, however, think it’s the perfect piece to round out any closet for years to come!

Check out the designer’s other work while you’re there – it’s all gorgeous: Dress Lourdes, victorian goth, size S/M black faux leather, Somnia Romantica by Marjolein Turin

FoldedRoses: Bella Tulle Drape Dress

I really enjoy the asymmetry and the strappy look of this dress. You’d probably need a slip dress for underneath, I’d imagine… Unless you’re going somewhere really… “specific”, lol!

Party Dress Handmade Holiday Fashion Cocktail Dress Evening Dress Clothing Women : BELLA Black Tulle Polka Dot Drape Dress Custom Size

texturable: Cut Out Dress

Todat’s feature comes to you from Texturable – a handmade, felted, and slashed/cut-out dress. This piece makes a punky statement whilst remaining completely wearable at the office. Maybe I shouldn’t be featuring this wool sweater-dress in summer, but… there’s always Australia!

Cut out dress, Black dress wool felt, Sweater Mini dress, Little black dress, Long tunic sweater

lummedesigns: Silk Poem Aviator Dress

Some of what I’m up to this year is planning a steampunk wedding. The style encompasses many sub-genres, post-apocalyptic being one of them. When I came upon this dress by Tiina from Finland, I briefly considered it as a bridesmaids dress for the wedding – but the style I began on for the wedding is more upscale Victorian, than semi-destroyed apocalyptic, so it wouldn’t work. Plus, who could really ask their bridesmaids to pay upwards of $1,000 for a dress?!??! Not this middle-class gal! Lol!

Check it out: Silk Poem Aviator Dress – Abstract Haute Couture wearable ART Fashion