mtcoffinz: Pink Roller Derby CheckerBoard TuTu

I spent a long time going through the whole of mtcoffinz’ Etsy store. Sooo many fun colour combinations, textures and patterns in soooo many different tutus! I loved all of them, but had to slim down the pickins to post here. This skirt is particularly awesome, and the photo shoot turned out pretty spectacularly too – the colours came out really well. So, if you’re looking for a new rave or derby tutu, here you are.

Pink Roller Derby CheckerBoard TuTu adult ALL Sizes MTCoffinz

TutusChicBoutique: Black and pink tutu skirt

I just love how the black gradiates to that innocent shade of pink. What a lovely combination. Definitely seems like a dress that wouldn’t be worn too odten, but you coupd squeeze in a few occasions, I’m sure.

Black and pink tutu skirt for women. Ballet glamour. Retro look tulle skirt.

SistersOfTheMoon: Gothic Roller Derby Costume

I love Sisters of the Moon! They have some really great skirts, hair pieces, and overall costumes. This one’s a bit more goth than their other stuff, which is more ravey. Still, I loved the coordination, and the shapes, in this one. I’ll definitely be posting more of their work!

Gothic adult tutu skirt black and white lolita roller derby costume dance goth check –You Choose Size — Sisters of the Moon