binkaminka: Spiked Glam Epaulet

Binka, from Riga, Latvia, brings you her magnificent beaded epaulettes at binkaminka. This one stood out for me l, with its “come hither” sparkles, and “stay away” spikes – exquisitely expressing the concept of contrast I love so much.

Single Glam Epaulet Made to Order

BruteForceStudios: Leather Dragon Slayer Armor

Wow… Just wow! These are clearly well-crafted pieces. The ultimate gladiator costume… I can’t even imagine ever having a place to wear this to – maybe some kind of Roman times festival? Do those even exist? Well anyway, of you’re ever filming anything in that time period… Check out their other stuff too. Wicked steam punk accessories and costume pieces.

Ladies' Leather Red Dragon Slayer Fantasy Armor