LilysShop: Battle Maiden Bustiers

Comin’ at ya from Stone Mills, Ontario, Lily has made unique, alrernative jewelry for all sorts of famous people. And she can make something for you too! How about this wicked chainmaille detailed, scuffed up tube top? Perfect for your post-apocalyptic costumes. This listing’s already been taken down (bought, I suppose), but definitely check out her other work.

Custom Battle Maiden Bustiers by Meatwerx

MetalbecDIY: Raider Vest

I’ve enjoyed the work of MetalbecDIY for a few years now. I’ve bought a skirt and a dress off her, and I’d get more if I had unlimited funds! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy her work too. It’s a slightly more wearable version of the heavy metal look – it’s not so over the top that you can’t wear this stuff in daily life. Well, maybe not to the office, but pretty much anywhere else. Check out the above Raider Vest.